Welcome to Perfect Fit Wellness Center

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Perfect Fit Wellness Center is a private gym and fitness center located just east of Colorado Springs just off of Highway 24 in the little hamlet of Falcon, CO. Known as “The hidden gym on the prairie” you’ll find instruction and classes to help you with all of your health needs. From exercise to nutrition, yoga to meditation, the focus here is YOU!

In addition to the standard gym services we offer many classes, such as Yoga, Kettlebells, Dance Fitness and more, all included in your membership fee. People from as far as Colorado Springs, Yoder, Calhan, Peyton, Ellicott and Falcon call Perfect Fit Wellness Center their home. Come and join our family.

Now we have added LIVE STREAMING and unlimited classes online. Please join our dedicated instructors and teachers for a daily workout, meditation, or lecture whenever and wherever you wish. All for one low subscription. Join now and log in to create your own health and fitness program.

I honestly cannot tell you how much I have learned from these classes about yoga and life! I wish I could adequately express how grateful I have been to have these classes and will happily pay for them when that time comes. This probably sounds so strange but I feel so at home and at peace doing these classes and you feel like a dear mentor and friend even though I’ve never met you in person.

– Torri M, a real customer