Lessons in Mindfulness Regarding the Fires of the World

Lessons in Mindfulness Regarding the Fires of the World

What are we thinking about today?

As my wife and I have continued our research in becoming better human beings, we have been awed and humbled by the vast knowledge and teachings of masters of both ancient and modern concepts. One such teaching is related to the: fires of the world. “The idea means that there are some thoughts and behaviors among human kind that are toxic, negative, and destructive and therefore should be avoided as we interact with others. Unfortunately, because we are human, and we are imperfect, we often engage in using the “fires of the world” to our advantage at the expense of others. How can we prevent this? Well, before we can prevent ourselves from acting in this way, we must understand and determine what the “fires of the world” are. So, what are the “fires of the world?” For today’s conversation, they will be defined as follows:

According to multiple sources, the fires of the world are envy, anger, greed, hatred, prejudice, and pride

In the beginning we are unaware that we are engaging in the fires of the world. It happens a little at a time until we become trapped in one or more of these fires. For example:   As a youth you are chosen as a leader of your class with its glamour and popularity. Before you know it, you are engaged in gossip about those who don’t fit into your group. Then your group begin to turn away from the rejected ones and find ways to make the gap larger. One day you notice someone you have rejected with the latest and greatest discovery and sparks an anger which prompts you to want it at all cost. So, you and your group make plans to take it and make it your own. One step upon another – pride, prejudice, hatred, envy, greed, anger.

How do we become a better human being and avert participating in the fires of the world? Brainstorm some ways in which you can avoid their consequences. Define each fire, and explain why it is better to stay clear from these negative influences in your daily life. Finally, apply positive solutions to the fires of the world in order to reduce their damaging effects in your personal relationships.

Here are some actions that help to cancel out the fires of the world:

  1. Respect – The due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, and traditions of others,
  2. Kindness- The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
  3. Politeness- behavior that is respectful and considerate of other people.
  4. Peacefulness- One free of disturbance, or one that is tranquil. One who is not violent or involved in conflict.
  5. Focus- Make another person the center of interest or activity
  6. Hint: Develop your Mind, Body, and Spirit in order to become the person you want to be. Focus on the path of endless learning, and you will become a remarkable human being!

“When wealth and honors lead to arrogancy, this brings its evil on itself.” – Lao Tzu

Stay Fit, Stay Young, Stay Alive

The Miracle of Mindfulness and Enjoy the Learning

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