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Getting motivated can seem like an easy task some days. Other days though, it seems impossible. We are all bombarded with online videos of instructors (or influencers) who seem to show up with motivation day in and day out. Are all of these people really that motivated every day? Are the rest of us really that unmotivated?

We have all had those days that we just don’t have the desire to hit the gym. I am guessing most (if not all) of you have had a few times where you went in anyway. How good do you feel after you leave the gym on those days? If you’re like me, you feel as good as you do after your best leg day. The decision you made to go workout, was driven by discipline.

Find a goal that you want to obtain. That goal will get you motivated. Start small if you need to, set goals that are realistic. Once that goal is set, now use your discipline. If you’re a morning person, get up before work and get to your gym. If you’re a night person, get your workout in after work. The key is getting to the facility and getting your workout done. Before you know it, you will have a routine in place. Once you are in a routine, keep it going. Keep packing your gym clothes every day. Keep telling your spouse that you can’t wait to see them right after you get home from the gym. Keep up the discipline! Keep it up, and you will be setting new goals to reach.

It sounds so simple, yet lack of discipline has hindered us all at one time or another. Set yourself up for success. Keep your gym bag packed with everything you need so you can hit the gym on your way home or on your way to school. Don’t give yourself an easy excuse to skip the gym. Give yourself the tools you need to succeed. In this case, it means have your clothes, have your headphones, have your shoes, and go to work. (In my case I have to add, have your liquid energy!) Whatever you need to have a successful day in the gym, make sure you have it with you so you can put it in use.

*Thank you all for taking the time to read. I am new to this site and even to this community. If you are local, and workout at the facility, come talk to me! I may be in there with my son, getting him ready for wrestling tournaments. I may be in there by myself. Either way come chat, tell me what gets you motivated to get/stay fit. Tell me how you stay disciplined. Let me know if you need some help! I am a newly Certified Personal Trainer and I am very motivated to get out and help you all out with any of your fitness needs.

*If you don’t live local (even if you do) look me up on Facebook and Instagram at Electric Nutrition & Fitness. Message me and let’s talk about how I can help you out, even from out of town or state.

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