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Dian Megarry

Dian Megarry is a 6th degree black belt in Chinese Kempo Karate with a background in self-defense, education, competitive sports and much more. After 32 years as a professional educator in public schools, and 30 years as a student and instructor in the martial arts, it is my desire to teach children and adults to develop personal self-defense techniques, increase their physical fitness, and build a strong and durable character. Dian takes pleasure in teaching the martial arts to all community members and watching them grow into strong people with the confidence to meet life’s challenges with a powerful mind, body and spirit.

Dian and Jan Megarry

Chief Instructors

Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association

719 510-6021

Dian Megarry

​Classes can be found under these categories: Kempo, Tai Chi