Featured Classes

Every week we will feature some of our great classes and instructors here. It is a sample of their work you will find on this site. Each week we will feature a different Trainer/Workout or other sample video that you will then find in the library of classes. If you like a featured trainer or workout that you connect with, you will always find more. We add new content almost daily. There are currently over 700 classes in the library.

Enjoy this Featured Class! Then join us for more.

Pro Tip: Click in the upper right corner of the video where it says “Playlist” to get a dropdown list of all classes in this category. Search for classes by exercise, Instructor Name, Date, etc..

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Once in the Class List choose a category. Click in the upper right of the video player and a drop down list will appear to choose from. You may also search for your favorite trainer by name, or search for the type of class you are looking for. i.e. “Full Body”, “Legs”, “Core”, etc.