Personal Sitting Meditation: Mantra

On day 15 of my personal meditation voyage, I was able to open myself immediately to my Spirit Guide. I was thrilled, but certainly wanted to contain my excitement by embracing the moment. As I sat in stillness with my eyes closed, meditative music playing, I felt the monkey mind soften and the internal door open so that my Guide could enter. It stayed with me for about half of my sitting session. I was able to ask it questions and in its subtle way, it responded. I thanked my Guide for joining me this day.

Another way to remain focused during a mindfulness meditation is to repeat a mantra in your mind. It keeps your mind occupied while you sit in stillness. I had a very good meditation practice on Day 17. I sat for about 16 minutes which seemed to go by quickly this time. My mind is settling much faster as I continue this daily routine. I incorporated a mantra during my practice. It went something like this: “I will live a life in my realm of genius.” I just kept repeating this over and over in my head to help inspire my creative mind. You can create any mantra. It can be a phrase, a couple of words, or even just one word.

Do you use a Mantra while you meditate?

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