Personal Sitting Practice: Feel Inspired

Days 28 & 29
Each day of meditation can be quite different. Part of the experience is being open to what the moment brings. On Day 28, I found that my mind was really moving. Many thoughts kept entering my consciousness. By this time in my month-long endeavor, I am able to sit in stillness and watch the thoughts rather than attach to them. As I observed the thoughts, it noticed that they seemed to be attempting to solve some problems. Nothing major; just some things I had been thinking about that needed solutions. I was able to watch my internal workings make attempts to find solutions.

Day 29 was slightly different. Instead of my mind working to solve problems, there were more moments of stillness in my 12 minute sitting session. Again, I was able to simply observe how my mind found a way to enjoy the quiet moment.

How does meditation inspire you? Have you started or rekindled a meditative practice lately?

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