Private Yoga Lessons

One of the joys of my yoga career is being able to guide and assist people as they maneuver through their lives. I do this through teaching yoga classes and providing yoga therapy.

My yoga classes are often structured to focus on a particular body part like back or shoulders. Although there is a physical focus in these sessions, the intentions go beyond the physical.

When focusing on the back, for example, I’m also conveying a message about “community.” Are you familiar with the term “I’ve got your back”? It relates to providing support to someone who is in need. When we focus on the back in a yoga class, it is also a statement that you can not only rely on your community, but also on yourself. It’s an opportunity to focus on your inner strengths and abilities that you can fall back on when you may not have the support of another. You can also rely on yourself.

If someone is struggling with identifying their inner strengths, a private yoga lesson or yoga therapy session may be ideal. We can focus on specific issues and concerns that you’re dealing with in your personal life. We use the power of yoga to help find strategies to manage those concerns in the present and over time.

I wrote an article awhile ago that talks about what happens in private yoga lessons. Read it and see if an individual yoga lesson or yoga therapy session is something you’d benefit from.

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