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Not everyone in this world can enjoy freedom like we do. Be thankful for the men and women of the military who have defended our country and maintained our right to have freedom. Freedom isn’t free and we must be ready to defend it in order to keep it.

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The Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

There are many styles of yoga from which to choose. Popular types of yoga involve moving the body into a series of poses. These postures help to build strength, gain flexibility, improve your balance, and more. These moving practices are great introductions to yoga. They allow the practitioner to be more aware of their physical bodies. Once this physical connection is established, the yogi can then go deeper; explore the full spectrum of the yoga practice and philosophy. One style of yoga that can guide you deeper into your emotional and spiritual being is called Kundalini Yoga. Let’s examine this beautiful practice further; explore the meaning of Kundalini Yoga, its benefits, and what to expect in a Kundalini Yoga class.


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