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lean legs

the secret to lean legs

Wish your legs were thinner? Women everywhere complain about the size of their thighs. Fat and cellulite have a way of ending up there – especially in the upper, inner thigh area. I’m often asked how to quickly and easily reduce fat

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Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash Done Right

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could eat a big bowl of noodles without any guilt over the excess carbs and calories? Well, nature has you covered with the perfect noodles found in spaghetti squash. These made-in-nature noodles are high

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Sugar Crash

The Sugar Crash

By Brooke Sanchez Do you ever feel like by mid-mornings, afternoons, or even late in the evening you’re extremely hungry, tired, have no energy, feeling light headed, or just can’t concentrate? This could be caused by

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Ful Medames, Black-eyed Peas

Delicious Black-eyed Peas!

by Lindel Hart I was given my first pressure cooker in the early 1990s and could hardly wait to start cooking in it. My mother cooked roasts and other meat-based dishes in her pressure cooker; she also canned foods that my

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Tuna Boat

Creamy Tuna Lettuce Boats

Today I have a brand new take on tuna salad for your tasting enjoyment. While most tuna salad recipes use mayonnaise, sour cream or yogurt to create the desired creamy consistency, this recipe does something completely different. We are using

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Yoga for Digestion

Yoga can help with many physical conditions. Students often attend yoga classes to improve their flexibility, enhance their upper body strength, and gain more mobility in their limbs. Yoga can also help with digestion. Have you ever felt bloated after

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